Brow Marker With Scale

Brow Marker With Scale

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  • Easy to Use: this skin marker is easy to use; The white marker is suitable for drawing auxiliary lines on the eyebrows, both pens can help you easily repair the shape of the eyebrows; The double scale plastic rulers are designed with a precise scale range of approx. 0-150 mm/ 0- 6 inches, which can help you measure the accurate scale of different items without making too many efforts
  • Quality and Smooth: the marker pen ink is secure, and these mini plastic calipers are made of plastic with an inlaid metal bar, which is light in weight, unbreakable, convenient for your daily carrying and can achieve a long time use; They are also comfortable to hold for its smooth surface, won’t hurt your skin
  • Practical Functions: the eyebrow ruler kit can help you to create your own eyebrow quickly, convenient for those who can’t find eyebrows and have makeup problems to get a pair of symmetrical eyebrows, have a natural and symmetric makeup
  • Wide Application: these tools are suitable for many people in different careers to use, such as brow artists to use in doing eyebrow tattoos, students with math problems, engineers in their projects, and general people in making handicrafts and other precise measurement
  • Great for marking skin prior to treatment.
  • Can also be used for marking legions during dermaplaning, medical needling and laser treatments.
  • Using a pencil for eyebrow mapping.
  • It also allows your clients to better understand and see the final shape of their lips.
  • you can easily make small tweaks to the shape until they’re satisfied.


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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