C Curls YY Style 2D Lash

C Curls YY Style 2D Lash

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C Curls, YY Style 2D Natural Looking Vegan Volume Lash Extensions, 0.07 Thickness, Mix Length.

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The YY Vegan Lash Extensions cater to individuals seeking a swift and naturally appealing outcome without the sensation of weightiness on their eyes. Emphasizing the principle of minimalism during application, these extensions are particularly advantageous for beginners. They are well-suited for achieving a precise and clear application, resulting in a natural-looking volume set with the application of 2D lashes.
  1. YY Vegan Excellence– Embrace unparalleled quality with our C Curl YY Vegan lash extensions, meticulously crafted from superior vegan materials for cruelty-free, sustainable beauty.
  2. Featherlight Thickness (0.07mm)- Experience a delicate touch with a precisely measured thickness of 0.07mm, ensuring a lightweight feel while maintaining durability.
  3. Dynamic Length Range (8mm to 14mm) Elevate your lash designs with a versatile mix length box, ranging from 8mm to 14mm, allowing for customized, layered looks that enhance natural beauty.
  4. Quadruple-Checked Precision- Prioritizing perfection, each row of C Curl YY Vegan lashes undergoes a rigorous quadruple-check process, guaranteeing consistent quality and excellence.
  5. Flawless Application and Comfort- Designed for effortless application, these lashes provide a seamless blend and superior comfort, ensuring a positive experience for both the technician and the client.


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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