Straight Isolation Tweezers

Straight Isolation Tweezers

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Straight Isolation Lash Tweezers – the must-have tool for lash technicians seeking unparalleled precision and control in their lash extension applications.

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  • Efficient Lash Isolation – Straight isolation lash tweezers are designed for efficient separation of individual lashes, streamlining the lash extension process with precision and ease.
  • Steady Control – The straight design provides a stable and controlled grip, allowing lash technicians to isolate and work on lashes with accuracy, reducing the risk of sticking multiple lashes together.
  • Versatility in Application – Suitable for various lash extension techniques, straight isolation tweezers are versatile tools that work well for both classic and volume lash applications, offering adaptability to different styles.
  • Reduced Fatigue : Engineered for comfort, these tweezers are crafted to minimize hand fatigue during extended lash sessions, promoting sustained precision and comfort for the technician.
  • Ideal for Detail Work – Straight isolation tweezers excel in detail-oriented tasks, making them particularly effective for intricate isolation work, ensuring each lash is precisely handled for a polished and natural-looking result. 


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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