How do we make lashes last as long as possible

As lash artists, we love to show the world how well our lashes are staying, and clients are happy too. 

I have a few tips that can help you maximize your retention with your clients. I want to start by saying lashes are not meant to be invincible. 4 and 5-week perfect retention is rare. So let’s not beat ourselves up if they don’t look beautiful at that time. 


When I’m doing a mentorship with a lash artist, and we are working on retention, one main thing I notice is they can’t see. We need to see the lashes, including the base, well so we can attach properly. If you’re having trouble, consider getting better lighting or a pair of magnifiers. 


If the lashes are not seamless at the base, they will not last. Dirt, dead skin, and oil will build up in the space, and the lashes will pop off. Or during brushing, ever had a client say they brushed and they came off. The extensions could be catching because the attachment is poor. 

Bad adhesive

Your bottle needs to be changed every 4 weeks. I know this can feel wasteful because many times, it isn’t empty. However, every time we open the bottle, we let in a little more moisture and air; by 4 weeks, the adhesive isn’t at its prime anymore. Also, are you dispensing a new drop of adhesive every 15 minutes? As it’s exposed to the air, it’s curing. We want to work with only the freshest. 

Everything is trial and error. Make sure you are taking notes and marking down your temp and humidity at every appointment so you can collect data for solving retention issues.

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